Who We Help

At the Heart Failure Patient Foundation, our focus revolves around supporting and empowering a diverse spectrum of individuals impacted by heart failure. We extend our assistance to:

Patients Diagnosed with Heart Failure

For those navigating the complexities of heart failure, we offer a wealth of resources, educational materials, and a supportive network to enhance understanding, manage symptoms, and improve overall quality of life.


Recognizing the indispensable role of caregivers, we provide guidance, support, and educational materials to equip them with the essential tools and knowledge necessary for effective caregiving.

Families Affected by Heart Failure  

Heart failure affects not just the individual diagnosed but also their families. Our foundation aims to provide families with informational resources and support to navigate this journey together.

Nurses and Healthcare Professionals  

For nurses and healthcare providers, we offer specialized materials and resources designed to facilitate patient education and enhance their ability to provide optimal care and support.

Community Advocates  

We welcome individuals passionate about advocating for heart failure awareness and support. Whether you're a business leader, a community member, or a healthcare professional, your involvement is instrumental in furthering our mission.

Diverse Perspectives  

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to embracing diverse perspectives. The Heart Failure Patient Foundation's Board of Directors comprises patients, caregivers, business leaders, and healthcare providers, ensuring that our initiatives and resources are shaped by a comprehensive range of experiences and insights.

We are dedicated to serving and supporting this multifaceted community, fostering a space where everyone affected by heart failure finds guidance, resources, and a supportive network to navigate the challenges they face.